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Friday, December 23, 2011

Joe Robinson & Domaine St. Pierre Cotes du Rhone

Tonight’s featured artist is going to blow your mind. His technique is amazing, his sense of composition brilliant, and his song writing beautiful. I found him surfing the web about two years ago and I marvel at his talent.
 At just 20 years old, self-taught Australian guitarist Joe Robinson has accomplished what most musicians can only dream of. He recorded his first CD at age 14, and won first place on 2008’s Australia's Got Talent at 16. The following year, Robinson took the top title at the World Championships of Performing Arts.
 He’s begun augmenting the covers he plays by writing his own music and I’ve included several numbers below. Don’t miss “Emily,” a poignant love song on which he sings.
 One of the judges of Australia’s Got Talent had it right when he said that it was because of young guitarists like Joe that he gave up the instrument. Me too. Enjoy!

I’m pairing Joe with a 2009 Domaine St. Pierre Cotes du Rhone. It’s deep ruby in color, bursting with aromas of red raspberries and blackberries. It explodes in the mouth with flavors of dark berries and cassis finishing with mild tannins. It’s a wonderful Cote du Rhone with the richness of a liqueur that coats the mouth with berry goodness and yet it’s a very balanced wine. It’s especially impressive at the price of $15.00. Pick up a bottle and enjoy the holidays with the music of one fine guitarist. Merry Christmas!


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Rick Daley said...

Talk about inspirational! Old soul in a young body. He's one of the more amazing guitarists you've posted here..and that says a lot, because you've turned me on to many incredibly talented musicians.