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The Death Whisperer Series
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Petteri Sariola and FlipFlop Pinot Noir

Pete Sarriola is a crazy young Finnish acoustic guitarist. The way he simultaneously slaps, taps, and picks the drum, bass, rhythm, and lead parts reminds me a bit of Kotaru Oshio, who appears in one of the videos. Oh yeah, sometimes he sings, too. As you’ll hear in one of the videos, he tried to form a band, but it didn’t work out, so he plays all the parts himself. He has a background in classical music that expanded to pop, rock, and you-name-it. But most of all, I would describe his music and style as acoustic funk. In 2005 he became youngest artist to receive the Nokia Young Talent Scholarship. He’s quite the funkmeister and I hope you enjoy him

With Adam Rafferty and Ulli  Boegerhausen, the Way You Make Me Feel:

Pete’s a lighthearted fun kind of guy, so I suggest we accompany him with one of my favorite varieties of fun wines from FlipFlop. Their Pinot Noir is a light wine with a red fruit nose and lots of cherry and spice on the palate. Very nice finish for a wine that costs only seven bucks. Weekend’s almost here, so enjoy!


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