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Friday, May 20, 2011

Rocco Prestia &Ojai Vineyards Syrah

It’s Friday night and time to loosen up for the weekend with (in my opinion) the  King of Funk bass and a master of the 16th note, Rocco Prestia. I first heard him with his band, Tower of Power, and almost fell out of my chair. He didn’t take a solo, rather he soloed through every song with his intricate picking, driving the band throughout the concert. I went home, bought a Tower of Power record, and spent hours trying to pick out his bass lines. It’s great way to develop carpal tunnel syndrome as the fingers of his right hand are constantly moving. If you listen to the late great Jaco Pastorius, you’ll hear a lot of Rocco’s funk style. Prestia had a liver transplant several years ago, an event that galvanized the musical community into raising funds for his very expensive operation and medical care. It was worth every penny to keep one of the bass greats of the world thumpin and bumpin. Enjoy!

To accompany one of my favorite funk bands, I‘m drinking a 2006 Ojai Vineyards Syrah Bien Nacido Vineyard ($24.00). This is an explosive wine, full of blackberry and cassis that fills your mouth with thick, juicy flavors then hits you with an intoxicating, long finish.  Deep purple legs coat the glass infusing the nose with a bouquet of dark berries and spicecake. Really nice wine and perfect for getting down with Rocco and Tower of Power. 


Rick Daley said...

I heard Frank Zappa's "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life" was a one time tour he did with the Tower of Power. Awesome rendition of "Ring of Fire" came out of that after they ran into Johnny Cash at the hotel and he said he would play with them, but then backed out the night of the show because his wife got sick.

Dell JF333 said...

Are we talking about what kind of band here? I think Frank Zappa were awesome dude. Thanks for sharing.