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Friday, January 14, 2011

Joe Walsh & Mollydooker Shiraz

I first heard Joe Walsh back in the late 60’s with the James Gang. Those were the days of power trios like Cream, and the James Gang was one of the best. Walsh was band's star attraction with his innovative rhythm playing and lead riffs that became rock and roll ear worms. He used to hot-wire the pickups on his electric guitars which created his trademark "attack" sound. My personal favorite was his hit with the Eagles, “Life in the Fast Lane,” second only to “Rocky Mountain Way.” Interestingly, he calls himself the ugliest guitarist in the business. Can’t judge on that count, but he’s a heck of a musician.

Rocky Mountain Way:

Funk 49:

Walk Away:

Life of illusion:

In the city:

All night long:

Life in the fast lane:

All night laundrymat blues:

Mother says:

Turn to stone:


Welcome to the club:

Joe Walsh deserves a powerhouse wine and I’ve got just the ticket. I love Shiraz and there are none better than Mollydooker’s The Boxer (2008, $25.00). It explodes from the bottle with aromas of dark fruit and spice followed by opulent flavors of cherry, raspberry, and pomegranate. It’s got a silky Ever Ready Bunny finish that keeps going and going and going.

Check out their website and do the Mollydooker Shake to release the nitrogen they use to preserve the wine instead of sulfites. I’ve never tried shaking my wine to aerate it. Kind of radical, just like Joe. Enjoy!


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