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Sunday, November 21, 2010

T-Cophony & White Cottage Cabernet Franc

I got hit by a bug this week and was down for the count, so I missed a blog or two. It’s gonna be a bit sparse this week due to the holiday, but let’s kick off the week with a special guitarist and wine. T-Cophony is a twenty-nine year old Japanese acoustic guitarist, although he also plays electric and a few other instruments. He’s a picker and tapper with a very sweet sound. Note his use of a double-necked guitar on a couple of the numbers. Interestingly, he has fought what he calls mental illness since he was a child due to a violent father with whom he has now reconciled. His music helps him control his mental issues, as it brings up good memories, places, and times instead of the ugliness. His music is written primarily for himself, an expression of his healing process more than any artistic desire, but when you listen to him, I think you’ll agree, he’s quite the artist…and healer. Enjoy!



Another Future:

Special Day:


Social Withdrawl:

October Sky:

The Meaning Of Life:

When Fall Asleep:

Dummy Amulet:


Vacillate: l

I’m pairing T-Cophony with a very special and hard-to-find wine. It’s a 2006 White Cottage Cabernet Franc. Normally, this one’s about $30.00 but it was on sale for $24.00. Cabernet Franc is one of my favorite wines and they’re hard to find. This one is from the upper reaches of Howell Mountain in Napa Valley, one of the premier growing regions. The White Cottage is a perfectly clear deep garnet color. When you swirl it, you’ll notice it’s got some serious legs. It aroma is bright and floral with cherry, blackberry, currant, and soft spice. It’s a lighter wine than a Cabernet Sauvignon, somewhere between it and a Pinot Noir in feel. Velvety and fresh, its taste is perfectly balanced with tart cherry, red currants and blackberries that finishes with a long, lingering tart to sweet sensation. Can you tell I liked it? I like drinking it alone sitting by a fire curled up in my favorite chair with a good book, but it goes with a plethora of foods. If you see this one, try it. You’ll like it, especially accompanied by the music of T-Caphony. Enjoy!


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