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The Death Whisperer Series
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nori Bucci & Girard Petit Syrah

It’s hump day, halfway through the week and what better way to rid out the last three days till the weekend then by listening to the music of a spectacular young guitarist, Nori Bucci. I’ve been a fan of Gamalon, the Buffalo-based band with whom she plays for some time now. Her style is the result of a gradual move from being a self-taught finger picker through a classical formal music education. Her style ranges from a sweet soulful acoustic to jazz fusion to downright incredible shredding. I’ve included a little of everything to give you a full picture of her style. The first four selections are drawn from her solo CD’s and illustrate her acoustic capability. Great for when I want to relax. The next five numbers are electric and wild. But don’t miss the last selection, Midnight Drive. Trey cool and the artwork is incredible. Oh yeah, she’s an artist too. Check out her website at

Let me dream:

Crimson Sky:

Mask of Kindness:


The Vision (with Gamalon):

Funky Jam:

Jamming (with Gamalon):

The Dark (with Gamalon):

Bleaker St Jam (with Gamalon):

Recurring Nightmare (with Gamalon):

Midnight Drive:

Now with a classy young lady like Nori, I’ve got to recommend an extraordinary wine, namely a Girard 2006 Petit Syrah (on sale for $22.00). This is a huge wine, big and bold with classic structure for a Petit. It begins with an inky purple color and explodes with a bouquet of dark chocolate, cherries, blackberry, & violets. Massive flavors of blue and black fruit with hints of coffee and dark chocolate. There is a lot of complexity here in this very rich elixir with nice smooth tannins. My wife and I loved it and so will you. It’s a perfect compliment to the music and art of Nori Bucci; lots of style and class. Enjoy!


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