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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ladies Night & Goldeneye Pinot Noir

Been traveling for the past week and I’m going out on the road again on Sunday. Heading for La La Land, alias Los Angeles.

I’ve just finished my fourth novel, Dancing Over Hell, which deals with an international sex trafficking ring. As I was researching it, I realized that that the main problem is men. Sex trafficking aside, look around. In this country you’ve got former presidential candidates like Jon Edwards, a plethora of senators and governors, sports figures like Tiger, and let’s not forget Ben Rothlisberger, famous for buying minors drinks and then taking advantage of them. Gentlemen, face it, our gender is made up of an awful lot of jerks. But here’s to the men who are faithful to their wives, fiancés, and girlfriends. Who treat them with respect and honor them in everything they do. In honor of my fourth book, I’m making this ladies night, with a special theme, something that will be obvious if you listen to the lyrics of these outstanding female artists. And to top it off, don’t miss the video of Orianthi & Steve Vai. It’s killer. Here’s to the ladies. Enjoy!

According to you:

What’s it gonna be:

Think like a man:



Lesley Roy:


Kelly Clarkson:
Behind these hazel eyes:

Avril Lavigne:
My Happy Ending:

Orianthi & Steve Vai: Highly Strung:

I was in Washington D.C. this past week and had a chance to sample some outstanding wines, one of which was a 2006 Goldeneye Pinot Noir. I ordered two glasses with dinner one night. Now, it’s way beyond the $25.00 per bottle cap for this blog, but it was $14.00 a glass at the restaurant, so if you ever see it and get a chance, try it. It’s about $50.00 per bottle in stores. Wine spectator gave it a 90 while Wine Enthusiast rated it 91. Lush cherries and orange zest on the nose. The cherries and orange follow on the palate along with notes of currents, cocoa, vanilla, and a touch of cinnamon. Very, very nice wine. So, raise a toast to the ladies and the good guys.


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