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The Death Whisperer Series
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Andrew Winton & Artesa Pinot Noir

Andrew Winton is an acoustic guitar virtuoso hailing from western Australia.He plays lap steel guitar, including a beastly big 7-string version of the instrument as well as a Weissborn and standard 6-string acoustics. Really nice vocal’s to accompany his moody blues. His slide work is outstanding. There must be something about this genre in Australia because he reminds me a little of John Butler whom I will review at a future date. Or perhaps, John Butler reminds me of Andrew Winton. Either way, both are outstanding. Check out his website at: 

Pink Palace: 

When your number’s down: 

Barrel O Monkeys: 

Can’t slow down: 


Fatty Hambone: 


And to really enjoy his music, open a bottle of Artesa Pinot Noir (2006; $21.00). Beautiful wine with a bouquet of strawberries followed by cherry, strawberry, and vanilla on the palate. I really like this wine. It’s wonderful for sipping while working on your latest novel and listening to some good music. I had my office window open and a cool breeze brought the percussive sound of crickets chirping in rhythm to Andrew’s music. Who knew they liked lap steel blues? Enjoy!


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