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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Great Pinot Noir and guitarist Steffan Schackinger

Tonight I’m featuring a truly marvelous Pinot Noir and a new find on guitar. The Pinot is 2006 Whitehaven from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. They also make my favorite Sauvignon Blanc. This Pinot Noir has a captivating plum fruit and bright cherry aromas. On the palate it is rich with cherry and strawberries; concentrated with a soft velvety texture. It’s normally $35.00 locally but I’ve now seen it on sale twice for $23.00. It is probably the best Pinot I’ve had for some time, and I love Pinot’s.

Now for the new guitarist. Thirty-six-year-old Steffan Schackinger is a Danish whiz on the instrument. He can be wild and crazy but he’s got a sense of melody that is really beautiful. His sound sometimes reminds me of Michael Dowdle and other times of Mark Knopfler, two of my favorites. Check out his website at: . He has a very interesting story.

Be sure to watch the videos of him in a duet with violinist Jane Clark. She can really rip on the violin.


City Lights:

Perfect Waves: Sounds like Mark Knopfler:

Bulldog Bite:

Time (with Jane Clark):

Steffan & Jane, Dixieland:



Rick Daley said...

Thanks for the intro to Steffan, good stuff.

Here's one I came across the other day, some impressive lap-style tapping on an acoutsic:

Rick Daley said...


I nominated you for a creative blogging award. Details are posted today on my blog. Hopefully this will drive some more people here who appreciate fine music and wine!