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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eric Clapton & Petite Petite

Eric Clapton is probably my all time favorite guitarist, especially when he plays the blues. He is a consummate guitarist whether he’s playing electric or acoustic, but acoustic really shows off his skills as a bluesman. I’ve followed him since he was with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. Cream is still my favorite group. The selections below are all acoustic and there are some interesting ones. Lots of Robert Johnson tunes. Check out the solo acoustic versions of Cream’s Sunshine of Your Love and Outside Woman Blues. And his bluesy version of Somewhere over the Rainbow is wonderfull…one of my favorite songs that I used to play in coffee houses, but I did more of a Livingston Taylor arrangement. Hope you gain a new appreciation for his artistry.

W/ Mark Knofler: Layla:

Driftin Blues:

Sunshine of your Love:

Malted Milk:

Key to the Highway:

Ramblin on My Mind:

Outside Woman Blues:

Love in Vain:

Stones in my Passway:

Got you on my Mind:

Change the World:

Broken Hearted with John Mayer:

Crossroads with Robert Randolph, John Mayer, & Sheryl Crow:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow:

And since Eric is quite a bold guitarist, he needs a bold wine. Michael David makes one of my favorite zinfandels, namely Seven Deadly Zins. This is another great wine from him. Petite Petite ($15.00) is a blend of 15% Petit Verdot and 85% Petite Sirah. Dark in color, it hits your nose with a burst of dark berries and a hint of caramel and plum. It explodes in your mouth with black raspberry, blueberries and dark cherries. Petite Sirah can be very heavy, but the Verdot seems to lighten it just enough. It’s long lingering palate of cherries and spice. It’s almost sweet for a dry wine. Very nice. Enjoy!



Rick Daley said...

Clapton is also a great writer. I'm assuming you've read his autobiography, but if you haven't, do so without delay.

I live in Columbus, OH. Clapton has a home here; this is where his wife is from. He also has a daughter who just turned eight. I have a son who will turn eight in Sept. The doctor that delivered his daughter also delivered my son.

I asked her what he was like and she said he was very nice, polite. She said she wasn't familiar with any of his music, though!

I keep hoping I'll bump into him someday. So far, no luck other then the OB/GYN.

I wonder how many steps away I am from Kevin Bacon?

Rick Daley said...

Oh...and I am also a big fan of Seven Deadly Zins. Haven't tried the Petite Petite yet, I'll have to stock up on that one.