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The Death Whisperer Series
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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rory Block and Novy Syrah

Well, I have to apologize for my absence the past two weeks. I've been traveling on business and haven't had the time. However, tonight I'm featuring one of my favorite artists and an excellent Syrah to go with her music. What? You didn't know certain wines go with particular types of music? Well check this out.

Tonight, I tip the hat a lady: Rory Block. She is, in my opinion, the best interpreter of Mississippi blues today. Her voice weaves a spell on the listener, her guitar playing is peerless, and her song writing speaks of a lifetime. She is also an outstanding teacher. I have two of her teaching videos and she explains and illustrates things with a clarity I’ve not found in any other teacher. So, if you want to learn some blues, pick up her videos. And for heaven’s sake, get a few of her CD’s. Mine are heavily worn and several I’ve had to replace for the obvious reason that they get a lot of play time. She is the definition of musical finesse and grace. Check her out at

Crossroad Blues:

Terraplane Blues:

If I had Possession over Judgement:

Preachin Blues:

Travelin Blues:


Silver Wings: Rory’s voice can move me to tears. She expresses so much emotion, it sends chills down my back, and complimented by her guitar work…there ain’t none better!

And speaking of finesse and grace, while you’re listening to Rory, open a bottle of 2006 Novy Sonoma County Syrah (~$19.00). Its nose is full of berries and plums. It has pepper, spice and delicious currant, blueberry, and plum flavors with a long, elegant finish. The Novy Syrah is a wonderfully balanced wine full of finesse and grace…just like Rory Block’s music. Enjoy!


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